“And the Sign Said…”

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Back in 1971, the song “Signs” was on FM radio almost hourly. The lyrics were catchy: “Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs…” The Five Man Electrical Band was not wrong (and now some of you mature ones are humming the melody). Signs are everywhere.

Think about your daily exposure to print advertising. When you have the opportunity - and without endangering yourself with distracted driving - pay attention during your daily commute or when running errands around town. When you do, you will realize just how many times you view printed signs, large and small. Dozens a day? Multiple dozens?

White Coroplast Blank
White Endura sign blanks

There’s a reason for repetitive advertising: No matter the state of the US economy, individuals and businesses need signage to attract customers and advertise products and services. Both "Now Open" and "Going Out of Business Sale" are commonly-needed signs for new and established businesses. In brick-and-mortar stores, there are always a barrage of "Clearance" and "20% Off" signs to grab customers’ attention and encourage impulse buying.

Directional signage is also found all around construction sites, for safety and organization. And we have all driven through them – the gauntlet of “Garage Sale” signs assaulting our eyes every weekend. They pepper every corner of suburbia. How else could you find them each Saturday morning if you didn’t have helpful arrows?

You may know the pleasure and pain of taking your kids to the innumerable parties for their schoolmates and teammates. Parents hosting kids’ parties and people having their annual garage sale choose to use lightweight signs they can easily remove after each exhausting event is over. Local politicians and people promoting social causes also choose to use temporary signs, which are perfectly suited for the need since opinions change so frequently.

Businesses Need Temporary Signs

Black Endura sign blanks

Corrugated plastic signs aren’t just for parties, candidates, and yard sales. More importantly – and more frequently – small and large businesses choose corrugated plastic signs as an easy way to promote their products and services.

With real estate as hot as it is right now, seeing multiple “House For Sale” and “For Sale by Owner” signs are a daily occurrence. What about your beloved lawn guys who save you from mowing your lawn on Saturday mornings? Or your neighborhood pool cleaner keeping your water crystal clear (for your Saturday morning swim while the lawn guys keep the Homeowners’ Association from pestering you)?

Roofers, real estate agents, window cleaners, remodeling contractors, and many other businesses temporarily plant these signs at their customers’ homes to advertise their business and make them stand out from everyone else in the same occupation. As a low-cost and easy option, corrugated signs are an great way to catch attention with eye-catching designs and messages without breaking an advertising budget.

These lightweight, durable, and affordable corrugated plastic signs are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are versatile and easily sell themselves when customers realize their value. Sometimes they have to see it to believe it, so have a few of your own signs on display at your business to show how they can be customized and how effective they are when paired with a message or logo.

A few applications for indoor and outdoor advertising or promotions:

  • Yard signs for contract businesses (“Roofed With Care By AJAX Roofing”)
  • Directional signs, arrows, messages
  • Real estate and and political advertising
  • Tradeshow marketing
  • Informational signs
  • Rotating menu boards
  • Yard sales/Garage sales
  • Political action / advocacy signs
  • In-store promotions
  • Sports team support
  • Award signs (“Yard of the Month”)

Because they are lightweight and come in several standard sizes, corrugated plastic sign blanks can either be supported by sign stakes or be handheld, perhaps pointing to the latest high school car wash, the most honest tax service, or the opening of yet another burger joint.

The Ease of Creating and Offering Corrugated Plastic Signs

Messages corrugated plastic signs attract attention, especially when the message is colorfully transmitted by the right vinyl lettering. Corrugated sign blanks require a small amount of time to personalize and are affordable for your customers. Offer as an add-on to current customers or hang in your sign shop to advertise your business and show the versatility of corrugated signs.

Easily apply vinyl lettering, logos, designs or a customer slogan. Turnaround time for sign orders is speedy. Because they are so lightweight, corrugated plastic signs can be carried or suspended with the right hardware or mid-weight line.

These versatile signs can be quickly created and require little setup. Design software, a cutter, sign stakes, vinyl, and corrugated plastic blanks are all you need.

What Brand Is Best?

SignWarehouse recommends and carries Endura corrugated sign blanks for temporary corrugated plastic signage. Endura Coroplast blanks are made from lightweight, durable sheeting. This intelligent design provides you the opportunity to provide high quality, cost-effective boards for your customer’s temporary advertising needs:

  • Outside facings are manufactured to provide a highly-printable graphic surface.
  • Inside core is produced with specifically-arranged flutes to provide maximum strength and durability while maintaining a maximum weight.

Why Endura Corrugated Blanks?

While there are a variety of brands to choose from, Endura sign blanks have lasting features, such as:

  • Lightweight for storage and transport
  • 4mm flutes provide stability and hold the sign shape well
  • Flutes are parallel to the shorter edge of the blanks
  • 1/8th inch thickness
  • Corona-treated for a lasting surface
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to cut, die, route, die-cut, and finish
  • 100% recyclable
  • Accepts digital and screen printing for variety in designs
  • 18 in x 12 in: White
  • 24 in x 18 in: White or Black
  • 36 in x 24 in: White

Though light in weight, Endura corrugated sign blanks are heavy in durability. They are stronger than corrugated fiberboard, stain-resistant, waterproof, and lighter than extruded plastic sheets. Corrugated plastic sign blanks require no prep work and the 4mm flutes provide stability without adding weight.

Unsure if you want to expand your sign services with Endura Coroplast sign blanks? You can start small by ordering an initial package of 10 to see how easy they are to work with and how readily your customers begin to order them. Or be brave - host and advertise your own yard sale or kids party, if your energy reserves can take it.

Support Your Signs

Lightweight sign stakes are the final touch in supporting your Coroplast signs. They are easily inserted and removed for temporary signage, They can even be reused if removed and stored with care.

Yes, signs are everywhere. Jump on this affordable-to-create bandwagon by offering corrugated plastic signs to your customers, or use them yourself for your personal and professional ventures. Perhaps even play the 70s tune in your business to subtly encourage sales!