Sports car wrapped with color changing vinyl
Color change film is eye-catching when wrapped around a vehicle

Color Change Vehicle Wrap Makes a Difference

It's not just what's under the hood that matters on a car, nor how luxurious the interior. The first impression you - and others - have of your car is the exterior. Color change film for vehicle wrapping provides that pop of interest.

Vehicle color choices used to be pretty standard, with not much variety besides your basic, same-old colors. Dealerships or other after-market businesses can add enhancements like trim or other minor changes, but in the past there were not a lot of choices to make your personal or business vehicle stand out. That's no longer the case now that color changing film used for vehicle wrapping is available to make your vehicle stand out in a crowd.

What is color changing film? The answer is in the name. It can also be defined as a paint replacement product, as it can be applied over a standard paint job. This revolutionary film can be applied over any vehicle's body style to create a unique look to the entire vehicle or just portions of it. The color change comes when light hits the film, producing a stunning, iridescent look. You can get this look with Oracal 970RA Premium Cast film for vehicle wrapping.

The Shift Effect Adds Variety

Take a vehicle's exterior from boring to fascinating! Wrapping a vehicle using color changing film does more than just change the color of a vehicle. Paint will do that. When a vehicle is wrapped with color changing film, the difference is the "shift effect." What is that?

Color change vinyl on a sports car
Vehicles with changing film makes this car display several colors

In essence, color change vehicle wrap turns your car into a chameleon! When sunlight - or any light - bounces off color changing film, it displays a variety of colors.

Is the car green? Or is it copper? Is it silver? As the light bounces off your color change film wrapped car, it reveals an array of colors that change or "shift" as you or the vehicle moves in your field of vision. This means your vehicle will stand out, and any graphics you use will really catch the attention of passersby. When used as an all-over wrap, or for text or designs, the shift effect of this vinyl definitely creates interest. Depending on the direct or ambient light and angle from which the vehicle is viewed, this shift effect changes what colors are displayed.

Color changing film gives a unique look to a vehicle, motorcycle, bike, racecar, boat (above water line) or even motorcycle (or other sports) helmets. When used for graphics, it makes a company's logo, motto, or information prominent.

This quick video shows what shift effect looks like on a vehicle in motion. And check out the shift effect in this video - incredible variety!

Cosmetic Uses for Color Change Film

Upgrade the car you love. Color changing vinyl gives a new look to an older car, or just takes your new car to the next level.

Lets you be you! Creates a unique look to your car because you can have a variety of color changing films on your vehicle.

Shift affect film
The shift effect of color changing vinyl even works indoors

Allows for a change of mind. If you later want an exterior color change, you can go back to your original paint color at any time or start over with a different color changing film application. You can't go back to the original color if you repaint your car, but you can if you use color changing film.

Matte or glossy. Standard or shift effect. So much variety to choose from and to offer your customers!

Practical Uses for Color Change Film

You won't have to deal with paint matching. Unlike paint, there is no need to color-match if any scratches or "dings" happen to the exterior. And if you get body work done after an accident, you won't have to deal with the hassle of trying to match the now-faded paint on your car.

Can keep your resale value higher. You can remove the color changing film to go back to the original vehicle color, or perhaps the purchaser will love the color changing look you added.

Prevents paint from fading under the film. Protects the original paint job under the film, so there's no fading under it.

Make the deal. Say you didn't want a white car, but you found your dream car at a great price. But it's white. Or weird green. Or it's a classic car you've always dreamed of owning, but the paint is badly faded. There's no need to give up your dream. Reform that ugly paint job by choosing color changing film to get the look that you really want.

Color changing film on a bumper
With Oracal 970RA color changing film, you can customize a vehicle with multiple shift effect colors and finishes

Potential Vehicle Wrap Customers

Who would want to take advantage of vehicle wrapping? You may automatically restrict your thinking to large businesses with fleets of vehicles when you think of vehicle wrapping. You're not totally wrong - many business vehicles are wrapped to advertise their name, logos, and business information on the road.

But those are not the only potential vehicle wrap customers. Vehicle wrapping is also sought out by individuals wanting to upgrade the look of their ride. There are a variety of finishes that not found at every a car dealership or after-market automobile paint shop. One-of-a-kind looks can be achieved when you mix and match colors and finishes with color changing film. Designs can be limitless!

For example, with a matte effect, also found with Oracal 970RA premium cast films, you can find a variety of colors and finishes to personalize the look of a vehicle. And individuals wanting to imitate the race car look can use vehicle wrapping to get the unique look or finish that they always wanted.

Now you can give customers even more variety in how they want their wrapped vehicles to look. The Oracal 970RA line of film includes 97 colors, including gloss and matte options. The 970RA Shift Effect category offers 10 chameleon-effect options and 10 additional 970RA Special Effects colors, including high metal flake films like Tangerine Dream. With Oracal 970RA premium cast vehicle wrap films, your design options to wrap a vehicle are nearly endless!

You Can Do It!

A little nervous about the process of applying this vehicle wrap film? Watch this helpful video from Orafol about applying Oracal 970RA film to a vehicle to see the steps involved and the way the car is transformed.