When designing a sign, less fonts are more. Simple is best!

Picking the right font can be difficult when designing signs. Either we tend to get in a rut and use the same font over and over again, or we pick fonts that aren't right for the situation at hand. It can also be difficult to decide on a font when you have to factor in the opinion of the person commissioning the sign.

Here are some basic guidelines for choosing the right font for the job.

SIMPLE BLOCK fonts should be used when the sign needs to be readable from a distance. If you use a more stylish font in such situations, you'll find it to be harder to read, and will need to set it larger.

SCRIPT and CURSIVE fonts should never be set in all capitals, as the results are very hard to read.

HEAVY or FANCY HEADLINE fonts should only be used for headlines. Using them for large passages of text can be difficult to read.

FANCY LETTERING should be used when the the type needs to grab the attention of the viewer, such as in a logo or a headline.

CONSERVATIVE FONTS work best for the the body of the text, as well as in situations where items need to be listed, or subdued. With time and practice you will get better at choosing the right style font for the job. Remember, in this situation the customer is not always right. If they present ideas that simply won't work, be ready with explanations and suggestions on how to incorporate their vision into a realistic, and stylish sign. What are your favorite fonts to use when making signs?