Schein Holographic vinyls are eye-catching, metallized films that add punch to digital signage. Because of their dazzling surface qualities and traditional short-term outdoor ratings, metallized holographic films are generally used in motor sports and promotional signage. Since these Schein films are now rated for five years outdoors, they are being applied to a wider field of vinyl signs and graphics.

If you intend to use one in place of a standard PVC film, keep two things in mind: metallized films work best on flat , simple curves and are generally best applied dry.

Conformability: Metallized polyester films are not as conformable as calendared or cast PVC vinyls, so these products are not going to be happy if you try to apply them over rivets.

Flat and simple curves are best: In motor sports, they are most likely found on doors of dirt track and stock cars. More and more holographics are used in retail applications where they are excellent choices for point-of-purchase signage. All of these are applications on flat or relatively flat surfaces. Other ideal places for Schein films include corrugated plastic point-of-purchase and “yard” signs, roadside sale signs on step stakes, and as accents on real estate signs.

Marine Graphics and Wet Applications: Putting chrome, holographic vinyl or any other metallized polyester film on a speedboat is probably not a great idea. Exposure to water, especially saltwater, can corrode the metal in the face stock and cause the applied graphic to fail. For the same reason, the manufacturer recommends that all Schein holographic vinyls be applied dry. Use of most application fluids (including dishwashing liquids, SureGlide, and RapidTac), may have the same affect as submersing the film. Fortunately there’s a solution. RapidTac II Although the vinyl manufacturer recommends only dry applications for these films, RapidTac II was formulated partly for holographic and metallized films. It evaporates very quickly, which reduces the chance of the fluid degrading the adhesive or damaging the metallized face stock.

RapidTac II is best for for customers who feel the need to do wet application with chrome, holographic, or other metallized films. Dry is best, but if they have to put it on wet, use RapidTac II. RapidTac II has other advantages. Its quick-acting formula makes it a better choice for use in cooler weather. If you have to install graphics in an open service bay, your working temps are dropping. Eventually it will get cool enough to make standard application fluids impractical. Rather than closing up shop and heading south for the winter, switch to RapicTac II and crank out more graphics.