Even if you enjoy garment decoration or sign making... working from home can present problems. The main ones are the distractions of everyday life. The following tips will help make sure you are being as productive as possible while working from your at-home business.
  1. Location, location, location. Sure, you are working from home, but what I am talking about is a good working spot. Choose somewhere that has enough space to work it, is well lit, and well ventilated. Make sure you have enough room to store supplies you will be needing throughout the workday, and eliminate distractions by facing away from the window.
  2. Tap into electricity. Make sure there are enough outlets to support all your office equipment and that there is telephone, Internet, and fax access close by. You don't want to waste time searching for the telephone, or traveling to the other room to send a fax or search for an outlet.
  3. Furnish accordingly. Take measurements of your work area and figure out what pieces of furniture you will need to set up your office, including a desk, file cabinets and a printer stand. Buy enough that you will keep the work area organized, but don't over clutter your space with too much furniture.
  4. Organize equipment. If you are constantly using your fax machine, make sure it is easily accessible. Keep equipment that you use often on hand, while storing things you need occasionally to keep the office organized.
  5. Keep it clean. Disorganization is the biggest killer of productivity. File your paperwork diligently and keep your office neat and tidy. When customers see an organized work space it bodes well for you and your business. At the end of each day make sure that things are in their place to help you get started right away the next morning.

Don't let your home life overcrowd your home office. If you plan to deduct expenses related to your business they must be used exclusively and regularly for business. So, in addition to messing with your work schedule and productivity, allowing your home office to be used by the family could negate the possibility of claiming certain deductions on your taxes. Working from home can open the door for a more productive sign making business, as long as you set yourself up for success.