Piggybanks Multiply Savings
Take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves

What small sign making business isn't looking for a few more ways to save money? While there are obvious big ways to save money, such as running your business from your home, there are also a ton of little things you can do that, by the end of the year, amount to big savings. I like to keep in mind the words of J.Paul Getty, a US oil industrialist. He said, "If you look after the pennies, the dollars will look after themselves." Here are a few ways you can look after your pennies:
  1. Buy recycled printer cartridges. Search online for a place that sells recycled printer cartridges, which are a whole lot cheaper than new ones.
  2. Get free software. No, I am not talking about illegal downloads. There are a plethora of websites that have free downloads that are NOT illegal.
  3. Free forms. Instead of purchasing forms that your business needs from an office supply store or online, search for free forms online that you can download, customize and print.
  4. Buy in bulk. If you can partner with another business or buy from a trade association you will be able to save on purchases.
  5. Pick it up. If you purchase from suppliers that are nearby try to plan and stop when you are near their offices to pick up any supplies you need. This will save you on shipping.
  6. Buy checks in the mail. Ordering your checks online will save you money over getting them directly from the bank.
  7. Put it in writing. When you make an agreement with a private contractor, an employee, or a lawyer make sure you get all the details in print.
  8. Shop around. You should check with at least 3 different companies before purchasing materials for your business.
  9. Be ready for anything. Get a full insurance plan that matches your business needs. Having adequate insurance that protects your business completely saves you in the long run.
  10. Deposit money early in the day so that you get credit and start earning interest immediately. It is a very small thing, but its a good habit that adds up over time.