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Did you know that once your package leaves our warehouse, it is your responsibility to correct any issues?

That's why we offer:

SignWarehouse Ship Protection Plus - No matter what a carrier does, you are covered 100%. SignWarehouse intervenes with the shipper, handles all issues, and gets another shipment to you ASAP. This allows you to spend your time with your customers without countless hours on the phone with a shipping carrier.

SignWarehouse Ship Protection Plus covers.

  • Damaged
  • Shipped to the wrong address
  • Lost
  • Dis-figured
  • Mis-delivered
  • Mis-labeled
  • Theft
  • Truck wrecks or Truck breaks down
  • 30-day coverage for the supplies you don't open until later, and then you find a problem with damage.

Another way SignWarehouse gives the best service for our customers.