Carnival and arcade signs
"A business with no sign is a sign of no business."

Are businesses in your area aware of how important signs are? To increase business for yourself, you need to make sure that other businesses are aware of the importance of having a sign. Considering sharing the following facts in your next set of advertisements, or on the wall at your office, even on the back of your business cards:
  • Signs are the least expensive, but most effective, form of advertising.
  • Signs alone can be responsible for pulling in 50% of your business.
  • Signs are an investment that keep paying a return.
  • Signs are so important, many business loans require your business have one.
  • Signs that are well-designed and well-placed, when combined with a quality marketing strategy, can bring in large profits.

Signs are an essential part of good business today. On the street, outside the store, and even inside, signs can make a huge impact for a business. Signs are a powerful marketing tool, and they say a lot about your business. Make sure your customers know this. If you are aware of the importance of signs, and know how to use them to best dress up a business you will be in a better position to offer quality signage to your customers.

Customers likely will be wondering what kind of sign they need, what makes a good sign, what they need to know before purchasing a sign, what the benefits are of having a sign or signs and how they can take full advantage of them. Put together a package of information that answers these questions, or address them on a FAQ page on your web site.

When we mention knowing your target audience, this is what we are referencing. Understanding what kinds of questions your customers will have, and anticipating them allows you to shape your business in a way that fits the needs of the customer. What ways have you found to advertise the effectiveness of signs in business? How have you been able to generate more business for yourself by doing so?