Vinyl Express LXi Master RIP 12 - Vinyl Cutter Sign Making Software


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Vinyl Express LXi Master RIP 12 - Vinyl Cutter Sign Making Software


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Vinyl Express LXi RIP brings the class-leading value of the Vinyl Express brand to large format RIP printing software. LXi RIP is based on the latest Windows 10 compatible engine and includes powerful raster processing tools including support for the new PrismJET VJ24X with white and metallic ink. New features for white and metallic printing include choke and bleed controls for white under-base management, spot color libraries, and color separation controls. In addition to these new features LXi RIP has been upgraded with contour-cut workflow tools to enhance efficient production of print and cut decals.

Your LXi RIP graphic design features include the interactive Design Central toolbox, configurable workspace profiles, job info & Job Statistics, Contour-Cut Effects, Graphic Styles, Templates, and most of the Advanced Shape and Text Tools, found in LXI Master Plus.

In addition to these cutting-edge design tools, the LXi RIP Production Manager comes packed with proven features that take the mystery and frustration out of large format digital printing.


  • All of the features of LXi Expert, Master, and Master Plus (except for Rhinestone Wizard Engraving Fills)
  • RIP & PRINT engine for large format digital printing
  • Printer drivers included for PrismJET VJ24, VJ24X, VJ48, and VJ54.
  • Large Format Print & Contour Cut Support
  • True Shape Contour-Cut Nesting
  • Automatic Job Nesting/Separation Nesting/Manual Job Nesting
  • CleanColor PureHue Enhancement / Stochastic Gradient Enhancement
  • Add Choke or Bleed for White and Metallic Spot Channels
  • Custom Spot Color Matching, Advanced color management tools
  • ICC Profiles, 16-bit rendering, WYSIWYG Color Correction
  • Color Adjustment Curves

What you receive with your chosen Customer Care: (Basic Bronze Silver Gold)

Hardware Requirements:
  • Windows PC with at least 1 GB or RAM (4GB of RAM is recommended)
  • Screen resolution of 1125 x 854 with 16-bit color or higher
  • 1GB of free hard drive space
  • 4GB of working space
  • Compatible OS - Windows 8 or 10

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    Vinyl Express LXi RIP takes your sign shop to the next level by enabling you to use all of the design tools of Master Plus to create large format prints with the PrismJET VJ24 VJ24X and VJ48. The RIP and PRINT engine supports professional quality color management job control. It includes ICC Profiles and supports the creation of custom profiles for your media.Heres a brief feature summary.

    Master Plus Design Tools. LXi RIP comes with two powerful components; the LXi Design Editor and the RIP Production Manager. The Design Editor includes all of the powerful design tools found in LXi Master Plus. So you can create vibrant colorful graphics in the Design interface and output them through the RIP engine or import them into Production Manager.

    Color Management: LXi RIP includes all the essential color management tools found in FlexiSign & Print. You can import presets load ICC Profiles and even create your own using the Color Profiler. Youll find full support for fine tuning the amazing wave print modes for your PrismJET printers. All of these tools mean you can produce top quality prints for less.

    Spot Color Support (see image to left): In order to fully support the new 8 color PrismJET VJ24X LXI RIP includes spot color mapping and Color Adjustment tools. These allow you to create designs in the LXi RIP Design Editor using the MUTOH Metallic Spot Color Library and add them to your prints.

    Print and Contour-Cut Job Control: Like FlexiPRINT LXi RIP is designed for large format printing and contour-cutting. The Production Manager supports seamless print and contour-cut workflow so that jobs can be printed on your PrismJET printer and contour-cut on any capable vinyl cutter. The smart print and cut job control supports excellent path alignment and simultaneous printing and contour-cutting for maximum productivity. LXi RIP Design has no file-cut-plot function. So for full printing contour-cutting and vinyl cutting youll need to pair LXi RIP with Master Plus.

    True-Shape Contour-Cut Nesting: SAIs new True-Shape Contour-Cut Nesting tool is included. This intelligent feature allows you to arrange copies of a contour-cut decal in the Design Editor to minimize media usage and therefore maximize profit.

    Contour Cut Mark: The Contour Cut Mark feature is also essential for print and cut workflow with the PrismJET VJ24X using white and metallic spot colors. Using the Contour Cut Marks allows users to export a print job to the Production Manager with spot colors mapped for white metallic or Fluorescent inks. Then the job can be sent to a capable vinyl cutter for contour-cutting of the printed decals. The Contour Cut Mark feature preserves the productivity advantage of simultaneous use of the PrismJET printer and your vinyl cutter.