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R31 Crafter's Starter Package


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Orders exceeding the stock on hand amount are processed as special orders, which require additional processing and shipping time and are not eligible for return.





R31 Crafters' Starter Package

The R31 where full-size decals begin. The R Series is our entry-level cutter for full-size vinyl graphics & decals. The R Series is made for craft and hobby use and is a perfect way to take your Cricut or Silhouette hobby into large-format decals. Make signs & stickers for personal use, clubs, schools, or even micro-entrepreneur startups.

Vinyl Express R-Series R31 Vinyl Cutter:

Vinyl Express R Series vinyl cutters provide outstanding value. These hard-working starter cutters are all built with quality metal parts. Even though it's a value-priced entry-level machine, the R31 vinyl sign cutter packs some powerful features.

Create Space Mac Software:

Your Vinyl Express R31 vinyl cutter can now be compatible with your Mac with the help of the Create Space Mac Software.

Create Space Mac Software is a versatile, feature-rich but user friendly application designed for crafters and creative people who want to design beautiful vector graphics for vinyl cutting. The user interface is simple and intuitive.

R31 Vinyl Sign Cutter Features


Superior Build QualityBladeholder

Instead of injection-molded plastic parts and platens that other entry level cutters use, R Series vinyl cutters are built from quality metal parts. That's critical - not only for the life of the equipment - but for cutting accuracy.

When vinyl moves through a machine at high speed, the vinyl cutter's rigidity is absolutely essential. With the R Series, you'll get superior quality in equipment AND cutting.

Advanced Vinyl Cutter Control Panel
Control Panel

Great vinyl cutters have one thing in common: Intuitive controls. The R Series is no exception. Its large digital display is easy to read and has plain English descriptions instead of cryptic abbreviations. The on-plotter controls are easy to use and understand and are extensive.

With the R Series, getting at all its great features is a snap, which means you'll be more productive every time you cut.

Tension-Adjustable Pinchrollers
Tension-adjustable pinch rollers

To cut costs, some vinyl cutters use vacuum hold-downs instead of pinch rollers. But vacuum systems can actually diminish tracking accuracy by interfering with the way media should travel smoothly back and forth during cutting.

That's why the R31 Series vinyl cutter has three tension-adjustable pinch rollers. Reduce tension for thin materials or increase it for thick materials. It's easy and delivers superb tracking accuracy on a wide range of sign, vehicle graphic, and heat transfer films.

Smooth-Feeding Media Supply
Media Supply Rollers

The media supply rollers are just one of the ways you can see the quality difference between the R Series and other cutters offered on eBay. More importantly, they smoothly supply your media for tracking that is more accurate than other cutters, by far.

USB and Serial Connectivity
USB and Serial Connectivity

With its on-board USB port you won't need adapters or other workarounds to connect your Vinyl Express R Series vinyl cutter to current generation desktop and laptop PCs. USB connection is accomplished through serial conversion.


  • Vinyl Express R31 Vinyl Cutter and Stand
  • Create Space Software License
  • EnduraGLOSS 24” x  5-yard - Orange*
  • EnduraGLOSS 24” x  5-yard - Tomato Red*
  • EnduraGLOSS 24” x  5-yard - Daffodil Yellow*
  • EnduraGLOSS 24” x  5-yard - Cranberry*
  • EnduraGLOSS 24” x  5-yard - Kelly Green*
  • EnduraGLOSS Color Chart
  • 4” x 11-yard roll of EnduraMASK 130 Medium-High Tack Paper Application Tape*
  • ORACAL Grey Squeegee

*Sample Rolls could vary depending on stock.

R31 Cutter Specs:

  • Size: 31 inch
  • Stand: Yes with 3 pinch rollers
  • Downforce: 10 to 500 grams depending on the model
  • Drive motor: Stepper
  • Tracking: up to 60 inches depending on the model
  • Speed: 23.62 in/sec
  • Basic Warranty: 6 Months
  • Interface: Windows 7 8 10 compatible, Mac iOS

Create Space Software Specs:


Hardware Requirements: 

  • 512 MB of RAM or more
  • At least 50MB of available hard disk space
  • USB Port 1.1 or 2.x

Compatible OS:

  • Intel based Macintosh (Mac) Macintosh OSX 10.10 or higher
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Applications: The Vinyl Express R Series is your introduction to the amazing world of custom vinyl signs and decals. With an R Series cutter, Create Space Software, and your imagination, you can create all kinds of cool and crafty stickers and small-format signage. The R Series performs best on graphics under 6 feet in length. The R31 is ideal for:

  • Car window decals
  • Personalize laptops, notebooks, lockers and more with custom vinyl decals
  • Vinyl monograms and letters on mugs and tumblers
  • Cutting stencil film for wood sign and related crafts
  • Removable wall decals
  • 'Bandit' yard signs and other small promotional graphics
  • Small promotional banners
  • Custom T-shirt transfers from HTV