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3M DesignLine Knifeless Tape - Knifeless Tech Solutions - 1/8 in X 3.5 mm X 50M

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3M DesignLine KnifelessTape -1/8" x 3.5mm wide

This tape is manufactured with an ultra fine filament to create money back guaranteed cuts for striping, accents and designing. DesignLine Tape is not manufactured or designed to be used for wrapping at anytime. Under the stress of wrapping the DesignLine ultra thin filament will break. Use only for striping, vehicle accents, and single layer vinyl applications. 

  • The cut will rival a knife or plotter
  • For single layer vinyl applications only
  • Quick to use - You can break the tape with your hands
  • Filament and tape are made with a slight stretch to work together, works similar to pin striping

Product Bulletin Info: Knifeless Tape (PDF)

  • (1) DesignLine Tape - ⅛"" X 3.5mm X 164