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UniNet iColor Premium Stretch Laser Transfer & Adhesive Paper - 25 Sets of A4 - 8.3 in x 11.7 in


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UniNet Premium Stretch Laser Transfer Paper is designed for use with the iColor Series of LED laser printers. UniNet Premium Stretch Paper is a two-step solution primarily used for decorating dark garments that require extra flexibility. This is the preferred paper for laser transfer to fabrics like Lycra Spandex, Elastane and other materials used in performance apparel.

Standard laser transfer paper has limited stretch and rebound properties. UniNet Premium Stretch will give you added confidence about the wearability of your transfers. Using the iColor TransferRIP rasterization feature will further enhance the softness and stretchability of your appliques. Although UniNet Premium Paper is used mainly for decorating dark apparel, it can also be used to support printing pastels and white-to-color gradients on white apparel.

  • Two step solution; Transfer Sheets and Adhesive Sheets are shipped together
  • Improved Stretch & rebound for softer transfer to stretchy fabric
  • The most durable laser transfer solution: Rated for up to 100 wash cycles.
  • Low Application temperature reduces risk of damaging sensitive fabrics.
  • Applies to apparel with soft matte finish.
  • Fully compatible with iColor 500, iColor 600, and other LED laser transfer printers.

  • Applications:

    Transfer to:
    Cotton Polyester Cotton-poly blends Lycra spandex and similar fabrics
  • Performance Apparel
  • Corporate logo shirts
  • T-shirts and custom apparel
  • Jackets

  • Application Directions:
  • Load transfer paper in Multi-Purpose Tray with the brighter slicker side facing upward. Print on transfer paper using Heavy media type setting.
  • Place face to face with adhesive paper with adhesive coating facing printed image.
  • Place both sheets on heat press with the adhesive paper on top. Press for 45 seconds @ 285°F (140°C). Open the press and immediately close and repress for 40 seconds.
  • Keep both sheets on the heat press bed while slowly peeling the adhesive sheet away from the transfer paper.
  • Trim excess adhesive away from edges of transfer paper with scissors. Place transfer paper face down on garment and cover with a Teflon sheet or silicone coated Kraft paper.
  • Press for 30 seconds with firm pressure @ 285°F (140°C). Once the garment is completely cool to room temperature carefully peel away transfer paper in one smooth continuous rolling.
  • Re-press with silicone Kraft paper for roughly 20 seconds. Wait five seconds and remove Kraft paper. While the fabric is still warm lightly stretch the garment and transfer.