EnduraLITE Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

  • R8512 - 6.4-mil, 7 year outdoor, Glossy Printable Reflective Vinyl. Meets ASTM Standards D4956 and E-810. Resistant against extreme heat, cold, aridity and humidity.
  • 48000 (EG) - 6.9-mil, 7 year outdoor, non-perforated, very durable, reflective vinyl. Designed for commercial signs, industrial, striping and fleet decal application. It meets the federal specification requirements.
  • 15000 - 7.5-mil, 10 year outdoor durable double beaded reflective film. This film meets the Federal Highway ASTM Type II standards.
  • 8100 (EG) - 6.9-mil, 7 year outdoor durable beaded reflective film. This film conforms to ASTM D4956 Standards. 

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