Blog_OKI-C831-TS_header_300x273The long-awaited replacement for the GO UNO laser transfer printer is here. The OKI C831-TS LED laser printer is an upgrade on a ground-breaking product that opened new opportunities in digital T-shirt printing. The OKI C831-TS is just as versatile as the GO UNO, but comes in a more compact, space-saving chassis. It also improves on the UNO with enhancements that make it more robust and reliable. It offers the same high quality HD Color prints from its single-pass LED heads, but at a lower operating cost, and a lower price. It's not everyday that a company replaces a disruptive product with a new and improved version, and charges less money for it. Let's dig in to the details.


The OKI C831-TS is a compact, desktop laser printer originally engineered for high-end document printing. It uses advanced, single pass LED laser print heads and CMYK toner cartridges to print on papers ranging in size from 4.1” x 5.8” sheets to 11.6” x 52” banners. The standard sizes for garment decoration and hard surface transfers are letter and tabloid: 8.5” x 11” and 11” x 17”. Because of its single pass LED print heads, it produces a wonderful combination of high speed and excellent quality. Its HD Color Printing Technology produces sharp detail and rich, dramatic color. 1,200 x 600 dpi prints come out at up to 8ppm on letter sized sheets of heat transfer media and 6ppm on 11" x 17" sheets. Like its predecessor, flexibility is one of the C831-TS printer's most appealing features. Because of it's straight-through paper path, you can use the C831-TS for heat transfer applications without sacrificing its basic function. Just load regular paper in the bottom tray and use it to print standard documents, including flyers, business cards, and more. In this application, it cranks out up to 35 pages /minute. Load self-weeding laser heat transfer papers in the multi-purpose tray and use the appropriate Media Type settings to create custom apparel and digitally decorated gifts, signs, and more.

Smaller but Better

As with most products, the OKI C831-TS offers some improvements over the previous model. The C831-TS uses all the transfer media developed for the GO UNO, but offers the following enhancements.
  • Transfer Speeds of 35 Pages / Minute
  • Four Color CMYK with an Average Cost per Print of $0.10 for Letter Size Images
  • Overall Lower Toner Costs
  • More Reliable Fuser Assembly
  • Two Year On-site Standard Warranty from OKI


As noted above, the main virtue of the C831-TS is its versatility. You can print high-quality office and marketing documents to helpl run and promote your business. You can print high-quality photographic transfers on one step 'no weed' transfer paper and heat apply them to white or pastel, cotton and polyester, or blended apparel, and mouse pads. You can print vector, spot color transfers on two step self-weeding transfer papers and heat apply them to dark or colored, cotton and polyester, or blended garments. You can combine one-step transfer paper and foils to create brilliant, super-soft foil transfers on light and dark cotton, polyester, and blended garments. You can print high quality photographic designs on one-step no weed hard surface paper and heat apply them to mugs, ceramic tiles, magnetic sheeting, and more. And with Graphics One's new PolySign media, you can make small-format adhesive-backed signs for PO.P. window signage.

Economy & Profit

The OKI C831-TS also offers one other important enhancement. It comes to market at a lower price. The MSRP for the new printer is only $2,095.00. If you’re wise enough to buy it from SignWarehouse, that meager sum buys the printer, a starter set of CMYK toner carts, some garment clip art templates, and a 100 sheets of EnduraTRANS FHC one step self-weeding paper. Because we know one size doesn’t fit all, we offer a range of starter packages with various levels of equipment, software, supplies, and accessories. Each includes the two year on-site warranty and expert PSP tech support. In addition to the lower sticker price, the C831-TS comes with lower-cost toner cartridges. This makes it an even more compelling case for a T-shirt printing startup. The basic R.O.I. numbers look like this:
  • Average 8" x 10" T-shirt toner and paper cost: 60¢
  • Average cost of high quality white cotton shirt: $2.25
  • Total shirt cost for CMYK color on white: $2.85
  • Average retail value: $10 - 20.00. Average gross profit: $7.15 - 17.15 per shirt.
Laser transfer printing has some outstanding advantages, but -despite what you may read elsewhere - it isn't the simplest or cheapest way to create custom apparel. It requires very specific temperature ranges, a well-made heat press, and some finesse on your part. To evaluate it alongside other garment decoration methods, click here to read our buyers guide for T-shirt Printing Options. If you review the options and decide laser transfer is the best method for you. ..If you need something that will enable you to produce high-quality T-shirt transfers on cotton, polyester and blended garments … if you need a single platform for garment decoration and specialty items…if you need something that can do all that plus print your office documents… an OKI C831-TS laser printer might be just what you need. Click here to view current packages and promotions, or give us a call at 800-899-5655.