Blog_EnduraCUT2_300X109Some products just don't make sense. Their price and performance equation doesn't balance. Sometimes these out-of-balance products are priced much higher than their actual value. Think Ferrari-branded Barbie Cars. Fortunately, some products are unbalanced in the other direction. They provide a lot more value than what you pay for. The Vinyl Express EnduraCUT 2 is one such product. You might call it the Affordable Overachiever. The EnduraCUT 2 offers precision, performance and features at a price point associated with entry-level cutters. For the price of a coarse and compromised stepper driven machine, you get an advanced digital servo vinyl cutter that will outperform anything else in its class. If you're looking for the best value in a desktop vinyl cutter, here's why you should consider an EnduraCUT 2.

Digital Servo At a Stepper Price

The most important part of a vinyl cutter is the drive mechanism that moves the cutting head and grit rollers. Economy cutters are built with mechanical stepper motors. They get the job done, but they tend to be loud, coarse and impresice. More advanced - and usually more expensive - vinyl cutters use digital servo motors. These use a digital encoder instead of mechanical gears to move the blade and media. There are several advantages, but the most notable is precision. Stepper motors are limited by the size of the drive gears so their output looks fine down to about an inch or two. But smaller fonts and graphics look rough and ragged. Digital servo cutters almost always produce more accurately-cut graphics even at a fraction of an inch. For more information in the difference between stepper and servo motors, click here to view our Basic Guide to Buying a Vinyl Cutter. So the main factor that throws the EnduraCUT 2's price-to-value equation out of balance is its digital servo precision which you get for the price of a stepper driven cutter. During recent benchmarke testing with our EnduraCUT 2, we produced fonts as small as 1/16" that were crisp and sharp. They're almost too small to weed, yet perfect in every detail. Sad to say there are now vinyl cutters coming from overseas that do the opposite. They have digital servo motors and are priced accordingly. But they don't cut with the precision one would expect from a $1,000 servo-driven plotter. Caveat emptor (Buyer Beware).

Other Features

In addition to its quiet, precise, digital servo motor, the EnduraCUT 2 offers other features not found in its price range. These include a real LCD control panel with one-touch controls for pressure, speed, offset, and detailed job controls. The enhanced menu gives you more control over the most important parameters. More control means fewer mistakes, more efficiency and less waste. The basic specs of the EnduraCUT 2 also look pricier than they are. You get 400 grams of cutting force and speeds up to 24inches per second. This puts our affordable overachiever on par with desktop cutters from top tier manufacturers like Roland and Graphtec. The EnduraCUT 2 will cut any adhesive-backed vinyl used in professional sign making and do it efficiently.
Fig 2: This star graphic, cut in 12mil film was easy to weed because of the tangential mode Fig 1: This star graphic, cut in 12 mil film was easy to weed because of the EnduraCUT 2's tangential mode.
What about the really challenging stuff like sandblast and rhinestone stencil film? Cutting and weeding thick materials with an entry-level vinyl cutter can be quite a chore. Not to worry. One of the upmarket features found in the EnduraCUT 2 is a tangential mode that overcuts the corners to allow you to weed the finished job more easily. The EnduraCUT 2's tangential mode is assisted by a programmable overcut feature that allows you to cut beyond the corners. The overcut value can be adjusted from the LCD control panel.We tested these features on our PrismJET 238 Armor overlaminate, a tough 12mil film that was easy to weed thanks to the use of tangential cutting and the overcut feature (Fig 1). The EnduraCUT 2 gets the basics right too. Some entry-level cutters lack princh roller and media sensors. This means you can accidentally cut beyond the vinyl, damaging the platen and cutter protection strip. Not so with the EnduraCUT 2 which includes both. It senses the position of the pinch rollers and the front and rear edges of the media. So you never have to worry about damaging the platen by cutting beyond the vinyl. It's a simple feature, but one not found on other cutters in or above this price range.

Vinyl Express Value

Speaking of price, there's more to the story. SignWarehouse didn't become the leading supplier of sign eqiupment just by selling good cutters at great prices. Our background includes decades of experience in the sign industry so we know you need more than a good cutter to succeed. Our Vinyl Express EnduraCUT 2 comes bundled with essentials like LXi sign software, our Designer Prouductivity Suite, and the best tech support in the industry. Because of the buying power of SignWarehouse and our commitment to customer value, you get all of that--a reliable cutter with a precise digital servo motor capable of cutting the smallest fonts precisely -- plus professional quality force and speed--plus advanced features like tangential cutting-- all for about $700.00. Its performance for price doesn't make a lot of sense. But you can use it to help you make lots of dollars and cents. Just call it the Affordable Overachiever. Click here to look at all our Vinyl Cutters.