iColor 350 Overview

The iColor 350 is a desktop sublimation printer that comes with all the ease of any other desktop sublimation printer but none of the downsides. This little powerhouse isn’t only a cost effective addition to your printshop, but at 40 cents per transfer, it certainly helps. The iColor 350 is fast enough to keep up with any production environment, and it’s low maintenance and easy enough for any printing beginner!


  • ProRIP- Every iColor printer comes with a copy of iColor ProRIP. The software comes preprogrammed with profiles for all of the printers and compatible paper types.
  • Print Speed- The iColor 350 boasts a print speed 40 times faster than any inkjet sublimation printer. It can churn out up to 25 pages per minute which is perfect for any production environment.
  • Paper- There’s no specialty paper required to operate the iColor 350 either. All you need is regular copy paper to create beautiful sublimation transfers.
  • Toner Based- The iColor 350 uses toner cartridges for printing, so there’s no need to worry about clogging resulting from non-use like in ink based printers. That also means no costly repairs caused by non-use.


The iColor 350 is a great addition for any print shop looking to add sublimation to its services. With its speed, the iColor 350 can easily keep up in a production environment to create sublimation transfers for apparel, mugs, and more! Sublimation is also great for crafters and small businesses that might be just starting out since it is a very easy process to learn. The iColor 350 does not require regular maintenance, and there is no risk of ink lines clogging up due to non-use. 

Setup & Support

The iColor 350 comes with a one year warranty and one year of gold support. Our product support technicians are ready to assist you with your printer’s setup or any problems you may encounter. You can fill out a support request form here.

iColor 350 Starter Bundle Prices

The iColor 350 is the perfect sublimation printer for everyone! Whether you’ve been in the industry for years, you’re just starting out, or you’re more of a crafter, the iColor 350 is a great addition to your toolkit. SIGNWarehouse has bundles for the iColor 350 starting at $1,495.00.