Blog_ET_Camo_Header_600x469One of the hottest trends in fashion and pop culture is camouflage, or 'camo'. Camo patterns are showing up on everything from haute couture to pacifiers. There are lots of contributing factors, including popular support for American servicemen and women and the A&E reality show, Duck Dynasty. Whatever the reason, the camo craze is a promising business opportunity for garment decorators and sign makers. Whether you decide to capitalize on the camo market by selling custom T-shirts, decorated camo license plates, or novelty decals and fleet graphics, we've got you covered. We stock 14 different varieties of camo heat transfer film, aka T-shirt vinyl, and two camo license plate blanks. And you'll find EnduraPATTERNS Camo vinyl in our catalog.

Camo Vinyl: A huge and growing market

The term 'camo craze' is probably misleading because it implies a short-term trend. That's not really accurate because demand for camouflage patterns in garment decoration has been strong for several years now. But it definitely seems to be growing. Elle magazine published an article in July 2013 called "34 Camouflage pieces to shop and wear now". They include T-shirts, dresses, and high-heeled shoes. Yes, camo pumps. Who'da thunk it? But for sheer variety of camo printed merchandise, has them beat. Among their extensive offerings, you'll find camo pacifiers and purple camo neckties. I guess the necktie works if you're trying to infiltrate the Ladies Auxiliary. The impact of Duck Dynasty makes a little more sense since hunters have been wearing camo since before Abe Vigoda was in diapers. Having premiered in March 2012, Duck Dynasty can't claim to have started the camo craze, but it's certainly adding fuel to the campfire. Variety reported that Duck Dynasty's August 2013 hour-long season premiere set records and became the " number one nonfiction series telecast in cable history" with an audience of over 11.8 million viewers. A&E has milked the show's popularity by televising four "seasons" of the program over its brief history. There's a lesson there for sign makers and garment decorators. Strike while the iron is hot. Here are some ways to turn camo vinyl into cash.

Camo opportunities for digital decorators

M_ENDT_DigCamo_HunterOakGrn_2_450x450 Hunter Oak is a popular camo pattern with fans of the great outdoors.
For garment decoration, the easiest way to cash in on camo garments is to stock up on Chemica Fashion, our pre-printed PU heat transfer film. The Chemica Fashion line includes 14 varieties of camouflage in three pattern styles; traditional, digital camo, and Hunter Oak. Our traditional camo patterns are Army, Army Camo, Sand, Blue, Grey, and Pink. Stocking these patterns will equip you to sell to the fashionistas who read Elle and Outdoorsmen will go wild for Hunter Oak, which we now have in green, grey, and beige. And for Seal Team Six fans, we offer Digital Camo in grey, beige, blue, and green. Why stop at camo clothing? If the camo-patterned pacifiers available at are any indication, the market has grown far beyond apparel. Custom license plates are popular and profitable novelties that can be sold in your shop as impulse items or online. Why not offer your customers a customized camo license plate? We stock plastic camo license plate blanks in green and sand.

Camo vinyl opportunities for sign makers

For everything else, we now offer EnduraPATTERNS Camo vinyl. It's a digitally printed intermediate calendared vinyl with a permanent adhesive. This film is perfect for long-term indoor or short-term outdoor applications on flat surfaces and simple curves. The printed face film will last three years outdoors without lamination and up to five years in outdoor vertical applications with lamination. Since it has a permanent adhesive, it's not repositionable. EnduraPATTERNS vinyl can be removed from vehicles cleanly with a little adhesive remover, but removal from painted interior walls might damage the paint. So in addition to custom fleet graphics, what can you do with camo vinyl? This will be the weapon of choice for creating ultra cool custom skins for laptops, tablets, and iphones. It's ideal for novelty and RC* decals. Since we offer it in both rolls and sheets, it can also be used for scrap booking and hobby stickers. 25" x 10 yard rolls are $79.00. As trends go, the camo craze has been surprisingly durable, and there's no indication of it slowing anytime soon. So if you haven't done so already, now would be a great time to add some camo license plate blanks, vinyl, or Style T-shirt vinyl to your inventory. As the purple neckties indicate, your camo signs and shirts don't have to conform to traditional patterns or colors in order to be popular or profitable. Your camo Style shirts could be green, blue, gray, or even pink. But, since this is such a lucrative opportunity, green just might be the most appropriate color. *Radio control