The PrismJET VJ54 large format eco-solvent printer has always been a great value, but now, it’s better than ever. The PrismJET VJ54 is an outdoor printer with an advanced micro-piezo print head driven by patented firmware that virtually eliminates banding. Its EnduraINK Pro ink is vibrant and durable. As wonderful as those things are, they’re not news. So what makes the PrismJET VJ54 better than ever? Speed. We’ve opened the hood and pushed it to a maximum print speed that’s more than three times faster

PrismJET VJ54 Overview

The heart of the VJ54 is an advanced micropiezo print head, a marvel of modern technology. It features a clever patented wave print algorithm that makes it easier to combine high speed and sellable quality by virtually eliminating banding. Wave print firmware also makes color management easier by dispatching many of the issues that plague other piezo and thermal ink jet printers. More on that here.

The PrismJET VJ54 runs on EnduraINK PRO ink. EnduraINK PRO ink is CPSIA Compliant, EN-71/3 Compliant, Prop 65 Compliant and GBL Free. You may not be familiar with all of those certifications. If you’d like to know more, you can follow the links to dig into the details. The bottom line is EnduraINK PRO is one of the safest, most environmentally friendly solvent-based inks on the market. It’s safe for school, home and office use. You can even use it to print decals for toys. It’s rated for up to three years outdoors and provides OEM-grade color gamut and abrasion resistance. And since it comes at the SIGNWarehouse price, the bottom line is it’s great for your bottom line.

PrismJET VJ54 Speed Upgrade

But you’re wondering about that 3X speed upgrade, aren’t you? The PrismJET VJ54 has been our best-selling large format printer for several years. Its previous maximum print speed of 159sf hour is more than sufficient for most sign and banner applications. But there are times when you really need a little more speed. So we’ve modified our best-seller with the addition of high-production print modes. These higher speed print modes, such as Banner 4, incorporate 360 dpi settings, sometimes in conjunction with higher-resolutions to maintain good quality. Generally speaking, these higher-speed print modes are suitable for large format graphics, seen from distance.

The maximum speed of 565 square feet/hour is achieved at 360 x 360 dpi with the wave printing algorithm turned off. As is always the case, there are trade-offs. Turning off wave printing deprives you of the magic that eliminates visible banding. It may still work for distant viewing, but isn’t the best setting for prints that are going to be viewed in near or medium-distance environments. But if you have requests for billboard-sized graphics, building wraps or event banners that will be seen from across the street, and you need them done quickly, the new high speed print modes are another tool in your digital tool box

Remote Speed Upgrade for Older Printers

If you have an existing VJ54 and would like to take advantage of the updated firmware, you don’t have to buy a whole new printer. We can connect you with SIGNWarehouse Product Support and deliver an ‘over the air’ speed upgrade that adds high-speed printing capability to your installed machine. Just click here to contact Product Support and start the process.

One of the reasons we sell more MUTOH-made printers than anyone else in America is our commitment to providing you the absolute best value for your dollar. The PrismJET VJ54 has been an outstanding value for years. With the new 3x Speed upgrade, it’s a better buy than ever. The only thing that would make it better would be if we threw in a free cutter. Oh, about that… You might want to check this out.