Zebra-VInyl-BigBlueSafetyRuler EnduraPATTERNS Zebra printed vinyl shown with the Big Blue Safety Ruler. Measurement gives you an idea of the pattern scale.
SIGNWarehouse offers lots of specialty vinyl for various applications from motorsports graphics to scrap book and hobby decals. Our line of specialty films includes holographic and chrome effects, dry erase, blackboard vinyl and more. In one sense, none of them is more 'special' than our newest specialty vinyl, because It's a unique, 'one of a kind' product. It's EnduraPATTERNS Zebra vinyl, designed by SignWarehouse to meet the requests of many of our customers. You may be wondering, what kind of vinyl is this new EnduraPATTERNS Zebra. What can you do with it, and how can you get your hands on some? Read on.

Features of EnduraPATTERNS Zebra

As the name implies, EnduraPATTERNS Zebra is a digitally printed self adhesive vinyl film with a black and white zebra pattern. It is part of the up-coming "Patterns" palette of our EnduraPATTERNS vinyl. The printed pattern has an outdoor life of up to three years without lamination and will last up to five to seven years with lamination or clear coat, depending on the UV qualities of the overlaminate film or clear coat used. These ratings are based on resistance to fading due to UV exposure. For application in environments where the vinyl will be subject to handling, abrasion or strong chemicals, lamination is recommended. Beneath those ultra cool zebra stripes, you'll find a 4 mil, polymeric intermediate calendared vinyl on a 90# stayflat liner, all held together by a permanent, acrylic adhesive. EnduraPATTERNS Zebra is recommended for application on flat surfaces and simple curves. Like most intermediate calendared vinyls, it works best on smooth surfaces like glass, aluminum, plastic sign blanks, and such. Application on untreated or freshly painted wood is not recommended.

Applications for EnduraPATTERNS Zebra

Speaking of applications, what can you do with an intermediate vinyl with a custom printed zebra pattern? Plenty. Unless you've been living in a cave in Montana for the past few years, you've no doubt noticed the proliferation of animal prints on everything from blouses to cell phones. EnduraPATTERNS Zebra is for those creative signs and graphics professionals whose clients crave custom prints. It's ideal for novelty decals, custom automotive and fleet graphics, motor sports graphics, laptop and cell phone skins, outdoor architectural accents, and more.

Prices & sizes of EnduraPATTERNS Zebra

EnduraPATTERNS Zebra comes in 25" x 10 yard rolls at a price of only $79.00 per roll. For our scrap book and hobby customers, we offer it in convenient 12" x 25" sheets for $4.99 each. Click here to order! EnduraPATTERNS Zebra, the newest of our extensive line of specialty vinyls, might be just what you need to make your decals & designs unique. Order a roll or two and let us know what you think of it. And if there's some other pattern or version you'd like to see from our new EnduraPATTERNS Patterns label, feel free to make your request in the comment s below. SIGNWarehouse.com