Blog_QuickFlex_cat_300x198This is another new product announcement, but really it could also be considered a "new and improved" product. We're talking about a new heat transfer film from our friends at Chemica US called QuickFlex. QuickFlex is Chemica's second warm peel heat transfer film, aka T-shirt vinyl. Rather than just improving on the previous product, Chemica has leapfrogged the entire field and produced a new heat transfer film that offers significantly better productivity and softness. It's designed to please both sign shop owners and their T-shirt wearing customers. What's new and improved about it and why do they call it QuickFlex? Overview First, let's get the basic specs out of the way. QuickFlex is a polyurethane heat transfer film with a thin, stretchable, 3.14 mil (78 micron) face film on a clear polyester self-adhesive liner. QuickFlex is suitable for application on cotton, polyester, cotton-poly blends, Acrylic, Lycra and similar fabrics. And it meets OekoTex Standard 100 class 1, which means it's approved for use on textiles for babies and toddlers. So it's ideal for use on team jerseys and Graphic Tees, but can be used for just about any heat transfer application including custom apparel. What's New Judging from that information, you might be forgiven if you're scratching your head right now thinking, "So what's so special? Where's the new and improved stuff? There are several nifty new features about QuickFlex that make it a significantly better product. First is the speed of the process. The new face film and adhesive combination have reduced press time to only five seconds. And it's a warm peel film, so you can remove the liner and move on to the next shirt as soon as you raise the lid on the heat press. Maybe that's why they call it QuickFlex. The combination of a five second press cycle and hot peel finish make it ideal for busy shirt shops. Adding or switching to QuickFlex can yield substantial gains in productivity and therefore, profit. Chemica also enhanced the weeding experience by reducing the tack level of the carrier. That addresses one of our pet peeves about these films. In conversations with manufacturers about these hot peel films, we've told them the "easyweeding" claim is dubious because a high tack liner doesn't make a film easier to weed; quite the contrary. Chemica listened and the result is a film that still has a good tack level for those who like that feature, but is actually, literally easier to weed. There's still enough tack to hold your design in place as you move it about the shirt getting the alignment just right. But not so much that it fights you. Larger graphics of course will take more effort to weed than smaller ones, but it's still an improvement. The other improvement is in cutting and peeling. QuickFlex is also easier to cut and weed due to enhancements in the adhesive layer and liner. So it's an all around great product for the shirt maker, but what will your customer think? How does it feel? That may be the best part. It's a very thin, soft film. The 78 micron specification doesn't prepare you for how soft it feels on a garment. Unless you slap a huge graphic on the shirt, it feels like it's barely there. It comes in 15in x 5yds, 15in x 10yds and 15in x 55yds. Five yard rolls are only $32.99 and 55 yard rolls of black and white are yours for $309.99: about a dollar a square foot. Not bad for a thin, soft PU film. It's currently available in 20 colors with more on the way. Click here to download the complete specifications and instruction sheet. Sample shirts are also available for those who want to try it before they buy it. So here we have this nifty new film that checks all the boxes. Easy to cut and weed? Check. Supports high speed, high volume shirts production? Check. Soft hand for customer comfort? Check! So what's a busy garment decorator to do? Surf on over to, drop a roll or two into your shopping cart, and check it out for yourself.