You may have noticed some changes with MUTOH printers. They have started selling their XpertJet Series. The new XpertJet models build on MUTOH’s tradition of ground-breaking innovation and award-winning print quality. The XpertJet innovations include advances in media handling, quality control and efficiency. The XpertJet era started with two eco-solvent printers, the 1641SR and the 1682SR. The next XpertJet Series printers to come to market are the 461UF and 661UF. These printers are UV-LED flatbed printers that replace the 426UF and 626UF. The new XpertJet UV-LED printers offer exciting new features including ADA signage support and patent-pending Dynamic Dimming Technology that allows you to print varnish with different levels of gloss in one pass.

MUTOH’s engineering approach encompasses the entire product from top to bottom. To support the improvements in the XpertJet printers, the ink was also enhanced. The XpertJET UV-LED printers will use MUTOH's new UH21 UV-curable ink. The new ink is replacing the original LUH1 formula. This means all MUTOH UV-LED printers in service will need a firmware update to be compatible with the new UH21 inks. It’s not difficult, but it is essential. Here’s how and why to manage a MUTOH UV-LED printer firmware update.

How and Why to Update your UV Printer’s Firmware

First, let’s talk about the why you need a printer firmware update. What happens if you don’t update your firmware? Without the update, your printer won’t recognize the smart cards on the new ink cartridges. You may find yourself stuck in the middle of a print job with a new, full ink cartridge you can’t use.

Now let’s talk about the How. Updating the firmware is easy. You simply download the firmware file, open the MSA or MSM application, and run the program. That’s the short & simple summary. You'll find step by step instructions on how to update your MUTOH UV-LED printer firmware here on our Product Support Blog.