LXi Rhinestone Wizard LXi Rhinestone Wizard creates the template. The template is made of 20mm to 30mm stencil material and cut out on a vinyl cutter.
This is one of those blog posts that should begin with the words, “Because you demanded it!” in big bold letters. Due to the popularity of rhinestone decorated apparel, we’ve been getting lots of requests from Vinyl EXPRESS plotter users for a fully compatible rhinestone design solution. After over a year of development work with our software manufacturer, we are delighted to be able to finally offer a software solution: LXI Rhinestone Wizard.
Rhinestone Wizard Features
The LXi Rhinestone Wizard offers a nice suite of practical design features for rhinestone garment decoration including five different path and fill options. If you simply want to lay stones along the outline of a shape or letter, you can do so and adjust their offset position relative to the path. If you want to fill a shape, you can select from three fill patterns including an island fill which produces a very attractive concentric pattern. Space between stones can be adjusted and the Wizard displays count of the rhinestones needed as you fine tune the design. Some of these are not available on competing products without purchasing an expensive upgrade.
Complete Graphic Design Suite
LXi Rhinestone Wizard Design Central Shapes and text can be converted into dazzling rhinestone patterns in minutes.
One of the other advantages of Rhinestone Wizard is that it operates within the LXI design suite so users have access to all of vector design tools in LXi 10 including support for desktop print and cut workflow, step and repeat, and the interactive Design Central tool manager which presents the tools you need as you need them. Being built for LXi sign software makes the Rhinestone Wizard extremely easy to use. Shapes and text can be converted into dazzling rhinestone patterns in minutes. For your convenience, we’ve published a step by step tutorial that takes you through the entire process from design to production. You’ll find it here.
Fully Compatible with Vinyl EXPRESS Plotters
The most exciting element of the LXi Rhinestone Wizard is that it supports all Vinyl EXPRESS plotters as well as Graphtec and Roland vinyl cutters. If you have a Q Series cutter, EnduraCut Plus or even a trusty ol' Panther, you can add profitable rhinestone garment decoration to your business without having to learn to use new software or worrying about driver compatibility. That is not to say that any Vinyl EXPRESS cutter is ideal for this application. The stencil films used are 20 to 30 mil thick and may be beyond the cutting capabilities of entry level machines. But if you have a Vinyl EXPRESS cutter that is up to the challenge, we’ve got the rhinestone software you’ve been waiting for.
Complete Plotter Packages
For those who don’t already have a vinyl cutter, or need a more robust commercial grade plotter for this application, we have an assortment of plotter packages from which to choose. With prices starting under $2,000 for 24” desktop packages, there’s something for every need and budget. For a complete presentation of LXi Rhinestone Wizard features, plotter options and profit potential, please click here, or give us a call at 800-699-5512. And as always, feel free to post comments or questions below. SIGNWarehouse.com