Blog_Chevron_T-shirt_nobgEverybody seems to want to wear chevrons. We see people in chevron dresses, chevron t-shirts, chevron cell phone covers, chevron cars...well, not chevrons on cars. At least, not yet. With such insatiable demand for chevron, it's natural that the garment decoration industry has tried to fill that demand with lots of varieties of chevron T-shirt vinyl. We offer a variety of genuine cad-cut Chevron heat transfer patterns in our Chemica Fashion product line. Being cad-cut films, an Chemica Fashion roll works as expected. But not everyone who sells chevron print T-shirt vinyl is offering a comparable product. So if you're looking for the newest, trendiest chevron-patterned heat transfer film, you might want to read the fine print. You may end up with a product that takes more time and work to apply yet an appliqué of questionable quality. How do you know what's a genuine cad cuttable chevron film and what's not?

Genuine Cad-cut Chevron

Chemica Fashion currently includes six chevron patterns in popular colors with more colors and sizes in the pipeline. All of these are cad-cuttable, high quality Polyurethane films that work just like all of our other EnduraTex 'T-shirt Vinyls'. You design your graphics, send a mirror image to your plotter, cut and weed it, then slap it on the shirt and press it. No fuss, no muss, no transfer tape required. What's this about transfer tape you say? Yes, friend. Our chevron heat transfer film is a genuine Cad-cut film manufactured with the chevron imprint built in. But not everyone does it that way. There are faux cad-cut chevron products on the market that require extra steps and extra materials.

Faux Cad-cut Chevron

Some other heat transfer film makers are trying to get in on the chevron craze by simply printing a chevron pattern on printable heat transfer film. It's a clever solution, but it also adds a lot of variables. What kind of film is used as the base for the printed pattern? Is it a premium PU film or a more economical film with a heavier hand? What extra steps may be necessary to apply it to a shirt?What kind of printer and ink were used to create that pattern? Is the ink as child-friendly as a Cad-cut film? Is it as washfast as your customer expects it to be? Special Tape Required. If your chevron film is printed on a thin, Polyurethane film, it may feel just as soft as a PU cad-cuttable film. But the patternn is printed on the top of the film, not the bottom. So the application process will be different, and heat transfer tape will be required. This is not a small matter. Customer who use printable heat transfer film like our Chemica HotMark PRINT, know what kind of tape to use with it to transfer the print from the liner to the fabric. If you don't know what kind of film was used to create your printed chevron, choosing a compatible heat transfer tape may require costly trial and error. Some thin PU films require a high-tack transfer tape and some require specific techniques to transfer the film from the liner to the tape. Make sure you know what kind of heat transfer tape to buy and how to finesse it to complete the transfer. Or... just order some easy-to-use EnduraTex Style instead. What kind of Ink is that? The other concern with printed chevron-patterned film is the ink question. Not knowing what kind of ink was used means you may not be able to assure your customers that your product is child-safe. EnduraTex Style carries the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II certification and is safe for children. If your printed Chevron was made with a full solvent ink, it won't meet that standard. If it was made with an aqueous ink, it will. But it may not be as durable as a genuine cad-cut film. Eeco-solvent printers with OEM inks are generally very washfast producing long-lasting decorated garments. The same printer with an aftermarket ink can produce a transfer that comes off after only one washing. If you don't know what kind of ink was used to create your Chevron film, you may be left with an unhappy customer when it begins to fade in the wash. So, If you want to get in on the chevron fashion craze and sell chevron shirts and scarves, blouses and bags, caps and koozies, put on your caveat emptor hat and do your homework. If the chevron film you're considering requires transfer tape, you should ask what kind of tape is required and how to use it. You should also ask what kind of ink was used to imprint it, and how washfast it is. Or... just buy some easy-to use, genuine Cad-cuttable EnduraTex Style instead. You'll have a soft, durable fashionable transfer made with certifiably child-friendly materials and processes, starting under $16.00