GlitterCAST_lineup_Vertical_sharpened_580x438They say all that glitters is not gold. That's true. If it's EnduraGlitter CAST Ultrametallic Vinyl, it may be Diamond, Sapphire Blue, Cobalt Blue, Rose Quartz, Fire Opal, Amethyst, Beryl, Smoky Quartz, or Topaz - aka, Gold. Endura GlitterCAST is the latest in our ongoing effort to give our customers what they want. Apparently a lot of you have been bitten by the bling bug and have applied glitter or bling heat transfer film to every square inch of fabric in your house. And you want more. Now you want glitter graphics on your windows, boats, cars, mugs, file cabinets, mailboxes, and pets. So you've been asking for glitter vinyl. And we've delivered. We are proud to introduce the newest in our Endura line of top quality sign making products, EnduraGlitter CAST Ultrametallic vinyl.


EnduraGlitter CAST ultrametallic is a premium, glossy, 3mil cast PVC vinyl with a permanent solvent adhesive. It comes on a 78# Kraft release liner, and is made in the USA. What makes GlitterCAST so appealing is the high concentration of metal flake in the glossy face film. It has a higher metal flake content than ORACAL 951 Metallic and is virtually indistinguishable from Avery UC 900 Ultrametallic vinyl. The high metal flake content makes it quite brilliant. But, as with glitter heat transfer film, there are a couple of tradeoffs. Cast films are known for their long term outdoor durability and superior adhesion to compound curves. A film with this much metal flake is slightly less conformable and UV resistant. So it's best used on flat surfaces and simple curves and is rated for up to 5 years outdoors in vertical applications. It's easy to cut and weed with a standard 45° blade. Start with the same force and offset parameters you'd use for calendared vinyl and fine tune as needed.


Now for the fun part.What can you do with EnduraGlitter CAST ultrametallic vinyl? A whole lot. Traditional applications for ultrametallic cast vinyl include accent graphics for cars and RVs, custom aftermarket graphics on muscle cars and motorcycles. Marine graphics are also a popular application for this sparkly film. Other applications new and old include:
  • Trade show & exhibition graphics
  • Retail point-of-purchase displays
  • Banners and bandit signs
  • Commercial storefront and window graphics
  • Decorated drinkware
  • Permanent personal decals, bumper stickers, etc.
You may have noticed that the list doesn't include wall graphics. Since it has a permanent adhesive, Glitter CAST is not intended for decorating interior walls. It can be applied to painted wall surfaces but removal of the vinyl may damage the paint. So any application of this product as wall décor should be considered permentnt, not removable.

Colors, Sizes, Price

blog_Endura_GlitterCAST_Swatches_grid_600x600EnduraGlitter CAST Vinyl comes in 24" by ten and 50 yard rolls. As noted above, it's currently available in nine colors including Diamond (silver), Topaz (gold), Smoky Quartz (charcoal gray), Rose Quartz (pink), Beryl (teal), Sapphire Blue (duh), Amethyst (lavendar), Fire Opal (neon red), and Cobalt Blue. See the illustration at left for a virtual color chart. Like all Endura products, Glitter CAST ultrametallic delivers exceptional value. 24" by 10 yard rolls are only $89.00 and 50 yard rolls are yours for only $399.00. That's about 30% less than comparable brand name ultrametallic vinyls. If you've already blinged out your entire wardrobe and have been looking for a way to add the same sparkle to your vinyl graphics, this is your lucky day. Now you can add some dazzling glitter effects to your muscle cars, mailboxes, mugs, windows, banners, bumper stickers, bass boats, bandit signs, go karts, laptops, RC cars, RVs, RSVPs, BVDs…well, maybe not your BVDs. What would YOU like to glitterize? Feel free to share your exciting Glitter CAST application ideas in the comments below.